Authenticated Testimonial Seal Examples

About the Examples

Review the 5 available seal formats and how they could appear next to the testimonials on your website.

Mouse over any of the seals on this page to see the "mini-seal" popup.

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(124x32 Seal)
Testimonial #2

I am very happy with The seal lets people know they can trust us and trust leads to website conversions / sales. Simple as that! If testimonials are part of your marketing strategy I couldn’t recommend a better service.

- Alan J. :: Supply Hero

(130x53 Seal)
Testimonial #3

Authenticated Testimonials allows us to prove to prospective clients that our service is exceptional. We definitely feel that this legitimacy is necessary to overcome skepticism on the internet and in business.

- David F. ::

(84x19 Seal)
Testimonial #4

(90x27 Seal)

Authenticated provides a seal of approval for our clients testimonials and in turn increases validity for our site. Great customer service and ease of testimonial submission are also a plus!

- Lee E. ::
Testimonial #5

Since many disreputable companies have been known to write their own testimonials, we knew we had to find a way for our real customer testimonials to be verified. We found that with Authenticated Testimonials. >From now on, we will only display real customer testimonials that Authenticated Testimonials has approved.

(127x27 Seal)

- Tina D. ::

Never lose another sale or subscription due to a lack of perceived trustworthiness in testimonials. Start making the most of the traffic you are receiving - get started!

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