Authenticated Testimonial Process

AuthenicatedTestimonials uses a detailed, seven step process:
The entire Authenicated Testimonial process can take as little as three to five days to complete.


1. Clients Collects, Shares Testimonials

Once the Authenticated Testimonial service has been purchased, clients will need to enter testimonials into the Authenticated Testimonial system and the contact information of those users and customers you would like verified within your account.

2. Testimonial Verification Initiated

The system will automatically send an email to each contact provided by the client in order to ascertain the best time to call for testimonial verification.

3. Testimonial Verbiage Verification

Phone call will be made to each contact provided by the client in order to verify the testimonial verbiage initially provided by client.

4. Signed Verification Completed

Authenticated Testimonial will then email the contact an official form to be signed and faxed back to Authenticated Testimonials headquarters.

5. Testimonial Authentication Completes

Once this fax verification is received, testimonials are marked as authenticated within the system and implementation may begin by the client.

6. Implement Validation Code

Clients insert a single line of JavaScript code next to each testimonial that has been validated. The system will then display the official icon to indicate to consumers that the testimonial is valid.

7. Authenticated Testimonials Rewards

Once the validation and implementation processes have been completed, prospects will begin to see the authenticated testimonials and want to do business with you!


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