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Authenticating the testimonials that you have worked to collect from satisfied customers and share with future prospects benefits your businesses bottom line and enhances your brand. 


Displaying testimonials is nothing new. The direct marketing industry has used customer testimonials since its inception, but with an increasing focus on the social Web of late, it is of increasing importance that users trust and believe the customer compliments you feature within your offline sales literature as much as the testimonials that support your products and services online. 

Regardless of the size of your Internet business, displaying credible testimonials has been shown to increase the short and long term sales of ecommerce storefronts. Customers expect to see a signal of trustworthiness so it is important for businesses to provide some sort of validation on their public facing Web properties. The result for those enterprises which do take credibility and trustworthiness seriously are increased sales, additional conversions from returning customers and greater brand awareness.

About has the backing and resources of EMERgency 24 Inc., a 40 year veteran in the security and technology industries. Securing the lives and property of millions of Americans since 1967, EMERgency 24 is proud to provide the Authenticated Testimonials service to online businesses.


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