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Like it or not, prospects are extremely wary of Internet businesses. You as a business person can reduce their fears by presenting "Authenticated" testimonials on your website. Our service will help you build customer confidence by providing unbiased third-party evaluation of your testimonials by an established firm. Your prospects will know that what they are reading about you has been verified and is truthful.

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When the Authenticated Testimonials logo appears on a website, consumers can be assured that the site takes the necessary steps to confirm the trustworthiness of testimonials.

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"I am very happy with The seal lets people know we can be trusted. And trust has it's advantages such as increased website conversions / sales. Simple as that! If testimonials are part of your marketing strategy I couldn't recommend a better service."
- Alan J.

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More than just a Seal of Approval for your website, Authenticated Testimonials is a catalyst for consumer confidence!

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